Boston Reykjavik

Laugavegur 28b, 101 Reykjavik

The interior is quite stylish, decorated from head to toe with brown walls, soft lighting, glass mosaics, mirrors, wallpaper and antique furniture. Boston is full of interesting people of all ages, professions and places.

DJ’s handle the music most of the time, usually playing a mix of jazz, golden oldies and recent discoveries. Boston is where professional drinkers like to hang out, and it’s not uncommon to see people connected to the Icelandic film- or music industry. There really is no dress code, as long as you don’t show up there like you’ve just been dragged out of a toilet bowl you should be fine. Most of the patrons dress nicely.

Laugavegur 28b, 101 Reykjavik
+354-517 7816