Freddi game centre

“Iceland’s only arcade”, Freddi, is a toy store and retro game centre in the heart of downtown Reykjavík, modelled after a venue with the same name that stood on Hafnarstræti but closed down some fifteen years ago.

Freddi is a time machine. As soon as you set foot on the burgundy carpet and are greeted with the sparkling display of flashing pinball machines, you have stepped into the times of Pac Man and American Girl Dolls—The good old 1980s.

The establishment offers console rooms for rent, where you and your friends can leave the dramas of adulthood by the door and while away the hours on such classics as Nintendo 64 and Sega Megadrive.

The venue’s multi-box boasts of over 2000 games and the spot doubles as a toy store, where you’ll find authentic figurines and collectables fit for Fred Savage. And yes—they have Donkey Kong.